Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 51: Kansas

I've always wanted to see Kansas, land of the Wizard of Oz, and it does not disappoint. Its flatness and endless fields of grain are not exaggerated and are not at all boring, in their infinite geometry. Miniature towns stick up above the patterned planes of the fields, then grow slowly life-sized as you cycle towards them. It's a mesmerizing effect, and under a warm sun with a favorable wind, some of the most pleasurable riding I've experienced so far.

Red-winged black birds have returned. They were replaced for a while in Colorado by brown birds with mustard yellow bellies. I also see a new kind of insect, a black thumb-size beetle with gigantic jaws, and new very graceful brownish silver colored snake.

The building in the photo below is the "restroom" of a local park, an outhouse with 2 holes. I can't imagine when the 2nd hole would be useful.

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