Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 1

The train arrived late and was a little seedier and a lot more desperate than I remembered. On board, an agitated dermatologist warned me that the sandals I was wearing would allow parasites from the soil to infest my body. Sandals are a young man's shoe, he said. By the time I hit 60, it will all be over. When I asked him how it would end, he looked around uncomfortably, muttered something and walked off.

Later, at some dark pre-dawn station, 2 loud parolees boarded the train talking about drugs and time- served, waking everyone up, and we were too sleepy and cowardly to shush them.

Then morning came and the daylight revealed our toy-like train was running along the edge of a vast blue lake ringed with snowy mountains. Birds of all kinds whirled above the water searching for fish, and watching them finally  eased the remaining doubts I had about taking this trip.

Then, it snowed!

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