Friday, May 27, 2011

Odds and Ends

Some stuff I wanted to remember, but couldn't fit earlier.

On the way up the steep side of one mountain, I startled a herd of big-horn sheep. I startle a lot of animals because the bike is nearly silent, which allows me to see a lot of animals, albeit only in startled form.

The sheep jumped up over the guardrail of the highway, maybe 20 feet in front of me. Close enough to smell. They crossed the road and climbed up the other side, except for one sheep who stopped climbing and stood staring at me curiously, maybe 40 feet away. I pulled my bicycle to the shoulder and sang to him for a couple minutes.

I've been singing to animals since there aren't any people to talk to. There's a song for dogs, and one for horses, and a really silly one for cows that has an extra verse if they moo while I'm singing it.

The big-horn listened for a while, then hurried off to catch up with the other ones. There's a picture of them below.

Animals I've seen on this trip but hadn't seen before:

Big Horn Sheep

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