Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 5 - La Gran Montaña

I crossed over the Cascade mountains today carrying only 1 pack of oatmeal raisin cookies and a liter of water. Take that Donner Party!

It was quite cold up there. At one point I started losing feeling in my toes, so I wrapped my shoes in plastic grocery bags and covered  the bags with socks to keep them in place. The plastic acts like a vapor and wind barrier, so my tootsies heated up nicely. I think I learned that from Survivorman.

After 75 freezing, drizzly miles I arrived in Sisters, OR only to find all the motels full. I should be camping, but I'm just too hungry and tired. Hopefully, I'll toughen up soon.

There was one place available. The "romance" cabin at a bourgeois yuppie resort. The price was about 5 days of my lodging budget, but I chose that over sleeping in the park.

So now I'm in an opulent stone room in a leather chair by a big fireplace, and there's a silver champagne bucket next to a Jacuzzi tub sunken into the granite floor.

Not bad for a guy who rode into town with bags on his feet.


  1. Next it will be The Four Seasons. Why not just buy an SUV?

  2. Seems you are due a spot of good fortune; hope there will be some wind at your back on the way to Missoula.